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No Nut November; Task Limited Time Only

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Welcome to No Nut November with Ms. Amelia Divine.

I like to focus on No Nut November instead of Locktober for a few reasons, but, mainly due to the fact my sissy gurls understand that chastity is a part of sissification. Those who deny chastity, or, only "try" it once or twice are truly a waste of my time.

No Nut November however, that's a whole other ballgame.

You see, even my locked-up sissy gurls get a reprieve every once in a while with a sissigasm. In November, even my sissy gurls are denied that release. For 30 days, a commitment is made, and all of those pathetic little swimmers are kept inside, crowded, back-building, eventually, it's all you can think about.

December 1st finally comes, and, if you survived, then so do you. Well, at least as much as you can.

Can you face the humiliation, frustration, desire, pain?

How long can you last?

Challenge yourself. Don't worry, I have enough in here to keep you busy aching for more.


I understand privacy may not always be accessible, so you are allowed to adjust as needed.

Items Required for Deeper Enjoyment:


Small Bell(s)


Chastity Device and/or cock & ball ring

Anal plug, dildo, or vibrator

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No Nut November; Task Limited Time Only

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